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Discover P10 Fitness

We pride ourselves on not only providing world class fitness training, but also in creating a supportive and motivating environment. A family. The moment you arrive at your first class you will find a community of like-minded people of all ages and body types, committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love our people and we love what we do – and that shows on the gym floor.

People First. Fitness Follows.

Most people who make resolutions to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle don’t follow through on their commitment. They can pay the gym membership, wear the right clothes, follow the right instagramers or listen to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ on repeat, but without this ONE vital ingredient they will fail. To truly follow through on achieving our goals we need coaches and friends to guide, motivate and support us. Without it, people don’t stay accountable to the journey and they give up. We’ve all seen it a thousand times. From your very first free consultation at P10 Fitness you will find an inspiring community of people who we are invested in your fitness journey from day one. You’ll find a family.

Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Tailored Fitness Programs

Every workout we offer is programmed and tailored specifically to your ability and fitness goals.

Specialised Coaching Every Session

Our professionally trained and expert coaches actively coach each class that you attend.

Multidisciplinary Functional Training

Our program uses functional movements that your body is naturally designed to do.

Friendship & Accountability

Our community is our greatest strength. You’ll make lifelong friends to help inspire, challenge and motivate you.

Free Online Workout Journal

Log your workouts, record your personal achievements and engage with other members through our smartphone app.

Quality Capped Class Sizes

We want you to get the attention you deserve every session and that’s why all our classes are limited to 12 members at a time.

Integrated Sports Therapy & Massage Services

Stay niggles and injury free with our specialist treatments; our therapists work alongside our coaches so that you can integrate your rehab while still working out!

Free Resources

Access to exclusive nutrition and training & recovery information to help you get the best results from your workouts.

Nutritional Guidance

Find out how eating well makes a huge difference to your results with expert nutritional advice and accountability from our coaches

Members Area & WiFi Lounge

A comfortable reception area with lounge and WiFi is available to all members and guests so you’re never disconnected!

Pro Shop

Grab your swag at our in-house Pro Shop! Stock up on supplies to support your workout before, during and after.

Changing Rooms & Showers

All our members have access to showers and changing rooms with complimentary toiletries.

Meet The P10 Fitness Team

Expert Fitness Coaches

Sal Fierro

Owner & Head Coach
Known for: making any gymnastics movement look way too easy, annoyingly good flexibility and not being over dramatic at all
Favourite wod: Strict Nate
Goal: forever young
After a career as Handball player and few years of Kickboxing training, Sal took his interest in sport further qualifying as a PT and working in some of the premier gyms in London before moving to the Middle East as personal trainer to the Saudi royal family.
Sal brings a high energy and light-heartedness to his coaching which is underpinned by a determination to guide his clients to reach their fitness and life goals inside-and-outside of the gym.
He has worked as Head Coach in two different London’s boxes, overseeing programming and developing specialty programs. He currently combines 1-1 sessions with online programming focusing on skills development.
Some of Sal’s qualifications are:
CrossFit L2
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
Gymnastics Bodies L1
BirthFit L1
L3 Sports Massage
L5 Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
Expert Fitness Coaches

Sonia Fierro

Owner & Osteopath
Known for: loving challenges and not giving up, crying mid deadlift sets and inflicting pain with a smile (aka fixing all your niggles)
Favourite wod: Diane
Goal: Deadlift more than @sal.p10.fitness (so close!)
Sonia is a qualified Osteopath and Sports Therapist with experience in performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation and mobility, bridging the gap between the treatment rooms and the gym floor. She treats athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to get back to activity after injury as well as desk-bound professionals who want to get rid of chronic pain.
She currently works with GB Fencing and motorsports as well as having has helped numerous weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit athletes (she was part of the CrossFit Europe/Meridian Athlete Services team). Sonia has been the lead therapist for a local Rugby Club and worked as part of the medical team looking after British Diving athletes at the London Aquatic Centre.
Sonia is also a StickMobility Instructor in the UK.
Sonia is a nationally ranked Powerlifting athlete and holds the Italian Deadlift U57 Record.
In her youth she has been 3 times national champion in Roller Figure Skating as well as competing at national level in Track and Field. In recent years, she also won the 2015 London and South-East Weightlifting Championship as well as competing in CrossFit.
Some of Sonia’s qualifications are:
CrossFit L2
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
Gymnastics Bodies L1
PN Nutrition Coach
Bsc Osteopathy
L5 Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy
FIFA Sports Medicine Diploma
StickMobility Master Trainer
UKAD Advisor

Karl Perkins

Known for:
Favourite exercise:

Richy Jordan

CrossFit Coach
Known for:
Favourite Wod:
Expert Fitness Coaches

Fay Jagger

CrossFit Coach
Known for: being The Hilarious Northern one with the best/ cheesiest playlist in the gym!
Favourite wod: Christine
Goal: Body weight snatch!

Louisa Sondergaard

CroosFit Coach
Known for:
Favourite exercise:

Expert Fitness Coaches

Paul Marsh

P10 Powerlifting Head Coach
Known For: fitting in tiny girls knee sleeves 😛
Favourite exercise:
Paul is a world class Powerlifting coach as well as international competitor. He is coach to multiple national and international champions and record holders and has worked as England Head Coach at the latest Commonwealth Championships.
Paul experience ranges from complete novices to elite athletes as his methods are centered around the individual and their uniqueness.

Sophia Ellis

P10 Powerlifting Coach
Known for:
Favourite wod:

Kristian McPhee

P10 Weightlifting Head Coach
Known for:
Favourite wod: