FEB 20th Burpee Marathon – MacMillan Cancer Support

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A 4 hour burpee workout raising money for Macmillan Cancer. The event will support Coach Calum in the lead up to his 24 hour Guinness World Record in May.

The event will kick off at 5pm and will run until 9pm.

Everyone is welcome to join in for 30 minutes or as long as you wish.

Grab a friend and bring them down to tackle a number of burpee based workouts across the evening. All we ask is for a donation.

What workouts will be available? We’ll be tackling the world record Calum is going to perform an Every minute on the minute format. The goal is to hit 2400 in the 4 hours – hitting between 11-13 reps per minute with small planned rests at the top of each minute.

But what could you do? The current world record pace is 7 burpees per minute for the full 24 hours – so maybe give that a go for time you are there? Join him? Attempt to do 10-13 reps on the minute. You could grab a friend and complete a 1000 for time? Alternatively we will put some burpee style cardio alternatives involving bike/row/ski combos for those that don’t wish to do JUST burpees.

Do you need to worry about your nutrition? If you are going to do longer than 60 minutes. I would at the very least have some things like lucozades on hand to ensure to keep hydration and blood sugar levels high, otherwise it can get more miserable than necessary. We will have some sweets on hand for fast acting carbohydrates- but anyone considering joining for two hours, consider foods like bananas that have things like potassium in to mange electrolyte balance. And then plenty of liquids.

Any sponsorship can be placed to https://buff.ly/2P5H7vV

Event Details

Event Times: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Dress Code: Get ready to Sweat!

Registration: Voluntary donation

Unit 8 Farrell Court, Elephant Road, SE17 1LB, London

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