Chasing that first pull up but struggling to get your chin over the bar?

This course is for you!

You’ll learn all the fundamental drills and exercises needed to master your first pull up; get ready for plenty of flexibility and body awareness exercises which will really teach you how to correctly engage your muscles while making you stronger where it’s needed!

Cause banded pull ups can only take you so far!

What is included:

  • 4x 90min coached sessions
  • 4 weeks program to run alongside your regular training
  • Master your First Pull Up Ebook with routines and exercises to keep up your training and understand more about pull ups anatomy and mechanics!

Limited to 8 people for maximum coached time!

About your coach:

Sonia is a qualified Osteopath and Flexibility coach with a passion for bodyweight training and experience in coaching CF Gymnastics sessions.

“When I first started CF I couldn’t do a push up or pull ups. After months of trying banded and negatives, I felt I was no closer to my goal so I took training in my own hands! Using my anatomy and flexibility knowledge I developed a plan which would really target all the little muscles and areas often forgotten and after only a few weeks I finally got my first strict pull up!

Since then I used this program with several PT clients and have seen great results! I can’t wait to get you all closer to your goal”

Event Details

Event Times: 6:00 – 7:30pm Friday 5th Nov – 26th Nov

Registration: £60 for the entire course – Book through the P10 Fitness App

Unit 8 Farrell Court, Elephant Road, SE17 1LB, London

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