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STRENGTH: Learn How to Squat, Bench & Deadlift.

As human beings we should be able to Squat; hinge at the hip to pick up an object and also to push (both horizontally and vertically). Being stronger and more proficient at these movements carries over to all sports and will prove to be pivotal no matter how we choose to use our bodies in everyday life.

Our STRENGTH classes focus on three movements: Squat, Deadlift and Presses. These exercises are just variations of three of fundamental human movement patterns. Three key exercises that can be loaded as much or as little as you require. A simple and effective way of training, which allows for easy measurement of strength and power improvements.

Would you like to develop stronger legs and glutes to help you jump higher? Run faster and further? Upper body pressing strength and power? A strong and stable posterior chain? Improved posture and body confidence? Not to mention the potential muscular development that comes along with it… These three exercises will give you all of that and more.

Our POWERLIFTING CLUB session, takes the 3 lifts a step further for people interested in learning more about the sport of Powerlifting, whether to compete or refine their technique.

Are you a competitive Powerlifter? Enquire about our Squad sessions!

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What Happens Next?

Every class includes mobility and technical work adapted to your needs. Whether you are new to lifting or a seasoned competitor, we have something for you. Join us today to get:

P10 Powerlifting Club is led by Paul Marsh 

Paul is a world class Powerlifting coach as well as international competitor. He is coach to multiple national and international champions and record holders and has worked as England Head Coach at the latest Commonwealth Championships.

Paul experience ranges from complete novices to elite athletes as his methods are centered around the individual and their uniqueness.

Beginners to Advanced

The class suits all levels as our approach is tailored to each individual’s needs by assessing and adapting the lifts the person’s experience, mechanics and body type.

Baseline Movement & Mobility Assessment

Your coach will help you identify mobility and flexibility issues and provide suitable drills to make sure you achieve correct and safe positions.

Technique Focus & Core Stability

Learn or refine the correct set up and movement pattern for each lift as well as the correct bracing and breathing techniques for each lift.

Lifts Variations

Learn High and Low Bar Squats, bench (correct set up, how and when to arch, shoulder safety), conventional and sumo deadlifts and accessories variations to get past any training plateau.

Competition Prep

Looking to take your lifting to the next level? We are one of the few British Powerlifting Approved clubs. Learn competitions rules, requirements and join a supportive team!

1-1 Powerlifting Sessions & Programming

Want an even more tailored approach? Work directly with our head coach for a fully customised approach and additional support or speak to us for a tailored program.

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